Call for Speakers


Call for Speakers – Innovation of Energy 2020

                                                                  Deadline – November 20, 2020
                                                                  Simple application process

You are cordially invited to attend the 12th leading Slovenian Conference on Innovation of Energy, which attracted more than 170 attendees last year. The conference will be held on December 16th – 17th, 2020, ONLINE.

Gain first-hand information about the current innovative business and technology solutions, as well as what challenges await us in the future, with the help of more than 20 speakers and innovative business cases. Meet key decision makers in energy sector, experts from other energy-related industries and drivers of future developments!

This marks the 4th year in which we will be awarding the Award for Best Innovation in the Field of Energy.

Present your innovative business case (innovative product/services, models, etc.)
Do you have a business or technological innovation in the field of energy?

You are cordially invited to present your innovation to your business partners, potential partners and the professional public. This will give you the opportunity to hear their responses and will open opportunities for collaboration. At the same time you will be running for the Award for Best Innovation in the Field of Energy for the Year 2020.

The application process is simple and won’t take more than a few minutes. It will also bring you at least 3 perks (a speaking opportunity, advertising for your company through the event’s entire campaign, your example will be published, etc.).

Suggested presentation topics
Energy Storage – Hydrogen – E-mobility – Infrastructure – Renewable energy sources - The energy market (gas, electric energy) – Efficient energy use – DSM (Demand Side Management) – Smart homes - Circular Economy and your innovation

Presentation guidelines
Active participants will present their innovations live in 5-minute time blocks. Consider limiting your presentation to 6 to 8 slides to allow sufficient time for each slide. Your company is also going to be visibly included in the event’s entire marketing campaign.

“Innovation of energy encourages dialog between different sectors and industries – this is a precondition for innovation and the main reason why we sponsored this event.” (MBA, Anton Petrič, Director, Cisco Systems)

Registration Requirement

Speakers are responsible for all fees associated with attending the conference. If you are unable to present, you must notify as soon as possible, latest by Tuesday, December 8, 2020, and provide a replacement speaker.

Speaker Benefits

  • The presentation itself is included in the price of the discounted registration fee for presenters of innovations (250 EUR + VAT)
  • By giving a presentation you are guaranteed the publication of your innovation, (abstract and presentation)
  • Advertising of your innovation throughout the event’s entire media campaign
  • Name, CV, abstract, presentation posted on the Conference website
  • Candidate for Award for Best Innovation in the Field of Energy (Audience choice)

Call for Presenters - Deadlines

November 20, 2020
Fill in and submit application form (title and description/abstract of up to 300 words obligatory) – send to
November 25, 2020
Selected speakers will be notified via email and will be able to register for the conference
Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Deadline for payment of registration fee
Friday, December 11, 2020
PPT presentation – send to
December 16 & 17, 2020
Your presentation at Innovation of Energy ‘20

Visibly join the progressive, at the traditional 12th annual meeting of energy sector stakeholders in Slovenia, by registering for your presentation by November 20, at the latest.

For more information on registering your innovation, email us at or call us at +386 1 437 98 61. Registration is simple.

Contents of IE20 – the integrative approach:

  • The vision of development of sustainable technologies in energy. Multidisciplinary partnerships.
  • Connections: Trends and opportunities of the energy market (Hydrogen, Storage, Transport & Energy Coupling, New Infrastructure…) – Efficient energy use, energy building renovation and smart homes - Demand Side Management (DSM) – Smart networks – E-mobility – Renewable energy sources – Circular Economy and your innovation
  • Innovations: technological (technical novelties, solutions) and non-technological (business, organisational, new business models…).
“I have some very concrete new ideas on how to develop our batteries.” (Dr. Miran Gaberšček, Director, Centre of Excellence for low carbon technologies, Slovenia)

Who are the participants?

The conference is also an excellent opportunity for meeting and networking with leading experts in the fields in energy, representatives of the electro industry, ICT, other industries and sciences that devise advanced energy solutions, as well as important representatives of national institutions, local communities and the media. Therefore, you are invited to bring your key team.

For more information on registering for the conference, email us at, or call us at +386 (0)31 717 599 or at +386 (0)1 437 98 61.


We hope you can find the time and take this great opportunity. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon, and hopefully, to meet you at our conference!
Welcome to Innovation of Energy '20!
P.S.: Please fill in and submit your application form for presenting your example of an innovation by November 20, 2020.