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Conference INNOVATION OF ENERGY ’19, October 9, Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia
(9.00 a.m. – 17.30 p.m.)

8.15 – 9.00 Welcome coffee and registration

Introduction to Innovations

Meeting moderator: Mojca Černelč Koprivnikar, Prosperia

Who are creators of the future?

Digitization and Innovation - a fad or a strategic need? Jožek Gruškovnjak, Inlumino Consulting, Switzerland

Porto Santo 

Porto Santo, the world's first self-sufficient island, Nicolas Schottey, Renault

Customer Experience, Claire Boscq-Scott, partner Skrivnostni nakup PROSUMER?

Innovative models – panel discussion

How to create green energy future and e-mobility?

Speakers (alphabetical order):

dr. Robert Golob, Gen-I, Nicolas Schottey, Renault, dr. Ivan Šmon, El. Gorenjska and WEC 

Innovation through collaboration

Representation of three parallel nodes:  A, B and NEDO 

11.35 – 12.05 Coffee break 


Three parallel nodes: "SMART" (A), DIGITAL (B) and NEDO 

Representatives of Nodes A and B are competing for the title »Best Innovation 2019« by the choice of the audience! 

Node A »Smart«, moderator: Miha Smolnikar, Comsensus 

·        Are simulated compressor stations more efficient than actual ones?, Rok Trelc, HPE

·        An innovative approach to ensuring safety on the Thames river, Uroš Jerman, Instrumentation Technologies (I-Tech)

·        Smart building connected to the network, Aljoša Hecl, Iskra

·        HEMS FUSION: Smart HOME and HEMS in One, Milan Susman, Robotina

·        "Smart Fuse", Mitja Koprivšek, ETI Elektroelement

Node B »Digital«, moderator: dr. Dejan Paravan, Gen-i

·        Digitization and ICT in Energy, Use of New Technologies, M.Sc. Luka Močnik, Elektro Gorenjska

·        Artificial Intelligence for energy storage, Uroš Bajec, Comtrade

·        GEN-I E-Mobility, Maša Švab, GEN-I

·        Unified access to metering data - a benefit for all users of the electricity system, Tadej Šinkovec, MBA, GIZ DEE

·        Optimization model of self-organized energy communities based on the integration of intelligent information technologies, dr. Andrej Bregar, Informatika

·        Platform SpendLess - Porabimanj, Rajko Dolinšek, Informa Echo

Node: PROJECT NEDO AND RESULTS (English), moderator: mag. Gregor Omahen, ELES

·        NEDO's expectation on the technical point of Phase 1, Takashi Kumadaki, NEDO

Five innovations:

·        New network services using coordinated voltage control, prof. dr. Boštjan Blažič, Univerza v Ljubljani, FE

·        Permanent closed loop operation as a tool for increasing supply reliability in medium voltage distribution networks,  prof. dr. Gorazd Štumberger, Univerza v Mariboru, FERI

·        Implementation of DMS FLISR functionality to Slovenian distribution grid, Reiji Takahashi, Hitachi

·        Tool to assess hosting capacity in distribution networks, dr. Marko Kolenc, ELES in Vito Kumelj, Korona

·        NEDO ICT network – interoperability challenges, Janez Lampe, Stelkom 

Round table and panel discussion

Lessons learned and scalability potential

Speakers: Andrej Souvent, EIMV, Bogomil Jelenc, Elektro Maribor

13.50 – 15.00 Lunching and networking

Announcing Best Innovation 2019 winners

Introductory remarks

Innovation for the future and NEDO Project

·        H.E. Masaharu Yoshida, Ambassador of Japan

·        M.Sc. Aleksander Mervar, ELES 

Results of the first phase of the NEDO project, Kazuo Yokota, NEDO, Akito Fukasawa, Hitachi, Gregor Omahen, ELES


Innovation, the challenges of digitalisation and a vision for the future

Speakers (in alphabetical order):

M.Sc. Alexander Mervar, ELES, Martin Novšak, Gen Energija, mag. Andrej Ribič, El. Ljubljana and GIZ DEE

16.50 –    

Pleasant get-together of the Energy Innovation participants

**Program can be subject to change.